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Why Choose a Surf Charter in Bali?

Dreamweaver is faster, more comfortable, better equipped, and has more room than any other boat in Bali, and is fully air conditioned for your comfort.

We are also the only surf charter boat capable of accessing the many uncrowded waves on the South Lombok coast on a regular basis. Combined with the fact that nearly all our travelling is done at night, you will be enjoying crowd free waves and two to three surf sessions every day of your trip with us.

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Your Surf Charter in and Around Bali

We take you and your friends on a classic surf trip aboard the 23 metre vessel Dreamweaver.

Originally an outrigger style boat, Dreamweaver has undergone major renovations and improvements, and we have removed the outriggers entirely. This enables us to handle rough conditions better than any outrigger equipped boat, it also makes us faster and safer than ever before, and also cuts our travelling time by up to 36 hours per trip.

You will surf Nusa Lembongan, Desert Point, Scar Reef, Super Sucks, YoYo’s, and you will be aboard the only boat capable of travelling along the South Lombok coast, where none of the other boats can go. Here, along this stretch of coastline we surf Belongas Bay, Mawi, Ekas Bay, Air Guling, Gerupuk plus we have a couple of secret spots that can be awesome when the conditions are right. There is a good range of rights and lefts, and waves to suit surfers, body boarders and even stand up paddle boards.

Our highly experienced Captain and crew have a complete knowledge of all surf conditions, tides, swells and winds, ensuring that you arrive safely and comfortably to the best surfing locations.

We are able to do a lot of our travelling during the night while you are sleeping, (or partying!) so you get more time at each break.

You will be visiting some of the most beautiful and exotic and scenic surf spots on the planet during your 7 days with us, and there is also plenty of time to fish, dive, and of course kick back, relax and have fun, while checking out the magical islands of Indonesia.

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