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Dreamweaver’s Testimonials

Below are some of the testimonials we have received from people we are lucky enough to have had on our surf charters. Have a read through to get a feel of what we can do for you. If you are ready to book or need to see what dates are still available, you can check out the schedule for 2016 by clicking the button below. Speak soon Alan


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Just wanted to pass on our thanks from all of the guys on our trip.

 We all agreed that this was the best surf trip we have been on. As you know I had been on another charter boat to these locations twice previously but your skipper Taufic and his crew made this the most enjoyable.

I have to say that we were blessed with constant swell for the whole 8 days but the skipper did still know where to be when conditions were at their best. Eg right winds, right tides and no crowds.

We honestly did not need to do anything apart from surf as your crew did everything for us even stacking our boards when put foot back on deck after a 3 hour session.

Please pass onto the crew our warmest thanks once again.

 Cheers Dave

 surf charter bali testimonials

Hi Alan, Just wanted to pass on our thoughts and thanks regarding our charter last week. All the boys loved it and we would all love to do it all over again – fingers crossed! If I hear of anyone looking to do something similar I (we) will no doubt be recommending they give the Dreamweaver a go. We can’t speak highly enough of the crew. They are all legends! With only small swell for a lot of the week we were really at the mercy of the Captain’s knowledge and experience on where to go to catch the swell in the best conditions and he delivered above and beyond. We loved the waves at Belongas and Mawi Secret, and the Captain nailed it with the swell arriving Friday for what was to be a day in the water we’ll never forget (perfect waves with just the 8 of us out – for 8hrs straight). The food (chef) was great and vastly exceeded expectations. The other guys driving the dinghy and snapping photos and just generally catering to our every need, even while out in the water were all time. All the boys have been craving BengBengs since coming home! The guys are doing a great job and it really adds to the Dreamweaver experience.   Hi Alan. Yeah mate we were stoked with the waves. We’ve all been on a few surf trips but this was easily the best ever. Late season is awesome, no wind in the morning, bit onshore during the day and then turns offshore again in the afternoon. All the waves along South Lombok really make the trip and its better than relying on the big name spots to break . I think you would do really well if you emphasised that as much as you could on your website. People love uncrowded waves! They dont appear to need a lot of swell, there is no crowds and there is a lot of variety. Having said that Scars was epic and the best wave on the trip. All the crew were great to, couldn’t fault them at all. Cheers Jarrad. surf charter bali testimonials G’day Alan. Mate, I just wanted to pass on my heartfelt thanks for the charter we have just come back from. I’m pretty sure you’re aware of the quality of waves we scored while we were on the Dreamweaver and how uncrowded they were, but above all of that mate, you have an amazing crew on that boat! They are the happiest friendliest funniest bunch of guys you’re likely to meet and that pretty much made our trip! Captain always consulted with us as to our options and gave us straight up facts about wind/swell/tides and we’d sit down every day to hatch out plans so that we would get the most amount of waves possible. The boat was clean and tidy and very comfortable and the food was amazing! We were running on “full tanks” the whole trip! What I liked as well, was the sense of pride in the crew when we were telling them that we’re having a great time, you could tell that they genuinely wanted us to be happy on the trip and went out of their way to make that happen! Of particular note mate, can you please pass on our heartfelt thanks to Rasman who sat in the channel at Scars for roughly 2 hours with Bizzas camera taking photos of us getting shacked beyond belief! Mate, you’ve probably heard this after every trip you’ve ever done but that was honestly the best surf trip us boys have ever had! If someone had told me two weeks ago we were about to get 14 surfs in 7 days at about 10 different world class waves which included three perfect sessions at Scar Reef with only the five of us in the water I would have told them they were dreaming… But that’s exactly how our trip went! In fact, Mawi was the most crowded we had it and I reckon there might have been us five and four others out! (The pic attached is of our second and best session at Scars!) It’s easy to see why you guys are the best surf charter in Bali! Please pass on our high regards again to the crew and hopefully we’ll see you guys again next year for more of the same! Thanks heaps again mate, it’s gonna be a long time before this smile is wiped off my face! Cheers!

surf charter bali testimonials Hey Al,

The trip was great. Got a heap of good waves, drank many bintangs and every one one the boat had an awesome time.
I cant thank the crew enough for making our trip so easy ,fun and enjoyable. They work that well together and it never seemed an effort for any of them to make sure all of us were happy and provide us with anything we needed  (cold bintangetc). You definatly want to keep that crew together…
We also would have put in about 15hrs of fishing trying everything and caught nothing.(we were pretty drunk most the time though.)
With photos weve got a heap of good ones,of everything which you should like. One of the boys is in the middle of creating a blog of the trip with all the photos, once he’s done ill send you the details,it should be done in a few days hopefully.
cheers Al,     Good times….
surf charter bali testimonials
Firstly, I would like to extend our many thanks to you and your team for a wonderful experience. Everyone on our charter continues to speak very highly of their journey with discussions of “next year” already being mentioned. We only got home 3 days ago!
The Dreamweaver is an excellent ship just right for an intrepid group of surfers wanting to explore these beautiful islands. The air conditioned sleeping quarters, various areas to relax and freshwater toilet / shower made the trip extremely comfortable. The food was plentiful, varied and of good quality.
Your crew is amazing and made us feel very comfortable. We realised very early that this boat is their home and even though we were paying guests, they still had to share their home with us. All of us really felt welcomed in ways that was well beyond the “paid expectation”.
When preparing food, serving refreshments (both in and out of the water), carrying boards, taking us ashore, assisting with camera work, towing us around for fun or just being available, your crew are a real credit to your ship.
Your captain is very experienced and offered us many surf options. Although our group was very cohesive from the start, you could still sense the captain’s diplomacy skills as he outlined the various surf options and details to the group. Despite some rough seas, we never felt concerned with him at the helm.
Finally, I have been very impressed throughout our entire dealings with “The Dreamweaver”. Our initial discussions, openess of communication, flexibility, services and overall experience was more than we expected.
For anyone considering an affordable surf charter in this region, they simply could not do better than Dreamweaver.
Many thanks,
The Redhead Group

surf charter bali testimonials Alan, A note of thanks on behalf of our crew who spent 8 days on the Dreamweaver in July 2012. It appears that we got the best swell of the year so far. Taofiq and the crew were fantastic. Always accommodating on travel times and destinations, great food for the whole trip and waves to die for. Good 3-4 ft sets, with the odd one a bit higher again,  were plenty big enough for our group. We did discover how shallow the Indo reefs are and some of the boys came away with some lasting scars to prove they’d been there. Long hollow barrels at Desert Point proved the master of all of us, but we got to view some great LH barrels from a number of gun stand ups who were on hand. Outside Ecka’s proved to be a real hit. Uncrowded and nice sized barrels is hard to beat. We even managed to score Supersucks on one of its few good days of the year. We got there a day after a huge crowd monstered the place and had it almost all to ourselves. Once again, nice sized 2-4 second barrels were the order of the day. Lots of other wave highlights throughout the week. The boat is terrific and the 14 of us on board generally slept like babies (except for the odd snorer and bali belly sufferer). Our last night in waters off Nusa Lembongan was a beauty. Little Johhny and Laxman on guitar singing a few traditional songs was terrific. Finished off by a couple of drinks and the sun going down, doesn’t get much better than that. Congrats once again on a great set up. All the best to you and the crew and we hope the rest of the year pumps. Hopefully a few of the photos I’ve sent through will make it to the website. Cheers Colin Cooper surf charter bali testimonials Trip Date 4th to 11th May 2012 Hi Alan Thank you for your quick response. You have provided such an A Grade Service! I know I don’t speak only for myself, we all had the time of our lives on the trip. The crew were outstanding, friendly and a real pleasure to be around. The food was so much better than expected! and the experience and knowledge of your Captain Taofiq made for a comfortably reassuring trip!. Overall the experience was fantastic and there is already talk of us booking another trip! Will send you some of our best pics soon. Thank you again for the Dreamweaver Experience Kind regards Kristian Byrnesurf charter bali testimonialsAl, Man what can i say… We were on the trip on the 20th march till the 27th… it was awesome. Your crew are outstanding and everybody was so well looked after, we could not of asked for more, we never went hungry or thirsty, your boys looked after us to more than our expectations… The trip itself and the knowledge that your captain possesses is outstanding.. he is worth all of his 45 kg in gold although we all still dont believe he is 34 years old. You could pay him a 15 year old rate over here and never be asked.. The boat was great and the times we had were priceless and will be remembered till the next time we board. I have been granted permission by the Mrs. to go again in 2010 with another group of friends, do you guys do a possible 4 day voyage? Kids and wives may not be to happy about the longer version., but hey.. whatever suits… thank you so much , and please thank the boys again for such an awesome time… Benny gross surf charter bali testimonials Hi there guys. As you may know, 10 of us spent a week on a live-aboard surf boat east of Bali during April last year. We are planning to go back next year, a little wiser, older and fitter. And we have invited you to join us. This is a formal invite, so we need a response, please. We have managed to secure Dreamweaver and have block-booked it. I am afraid that there are only ten berths, four of which have already been taken, so hurry. Although the boat offers berths for 14, we believe that 10 is optimal, and have consequently restricted the numbers. The boat accommodates us in bunk beds, two rows of 3 beds long, with a double bed in the bow. The food is non-stop. Unlimited water and sodas, with 4 free beers a day, if we run out more can be bought by the crate onboard. The crew look after you like you were their child and nothing is too much effort. The boat moors just off the surf spot and then the rubber duck takes you to the take-off point and shuttles you back when you want. Often the boat will lie in the channel and will pick you up and drop you off after your 200 meter long ride. They will also keep you supplied with chocolates and water to keep you going. The captain knows exactly what he is doing and we often realized this by making fools of ourselves. He knows the tides, winds, swell size and direction, and should be listened to. surf charter bali testimonials Hi Alan, yeah the trip was awesome! all the boys were stoked with everything! the food and crew were way above what we expected and we scored some pretty fun waves. we heard stories from other guys out in the water of crews who were lazy and everybody ending up with food poisoning so we are stoked we chose to go the week with Dreamweaver. P.S. the captain knew everything from recommending when and where to wear booties, when the swell would come, tides, everything he knew to an absolute T. very impressed! Thanks again, Troy. surf charter bali testimonialsAlan, just got home – was on the last trip out that got good size swell, though really windy. Fantastic trip – good boat, excellent crew, great food (especially on the last night when the cook was allowed to cook more “indo” food – coupla cabin fever boys left the boat early). When you were speaking to Duncan on the phone on our last day you said to email you so we could get a Dreamweaver t-shirt. I’m an Aust L in t-shirt – probably similar build to you. surf charter bali testimonialsGday Alan, Im one very happy customer that just got back from the trip 26/7-2/8. Just wanted to say how epic it was and how fantastic all the crew were. We had a very diverse bunch of guys and they did well to keep everyone happy. Youre lucky to have such a good bunch of guys running your boat. Food was really good too and there was plenty of it. The cold Bintangs went down like a treat. Ive got some pretty good photos, so let me know if you want me to email some. One of the guys mentioned that you were getting some new tshirts made up. If possible, Tom Marin and I would both like one. To save the hassle you can send them both to me and Ill give Tom his. Here is my address Anthony Burke surf charter bali testimonialsthanks so much alan. and believe me, all my friends and I are saving our money to get back there as soon as we can! Cheers Seth surf charter bali testimonialsDear Alan, I was on the boat trip that commenced on the 19/07/08 with the group comprising Alex Garriock and Tom Duracoski. We would just like to extend our praise to the crew who ensured that our trip was as comfortable and memorable as possible. All members played their role with much professionalism and should be commended for their efforts. We look forward to doing the same next year, Regards, Paul, Alex & Tom surf charter bali testimonialsGidday Alan, just completed my trip on the Dreamweaver with a couple of pals finishing on Sat. 26th July. Had a great time and some memorable waves. Your skipper and crew are to be commended, (they put up with Huey Dewy and Lewy along with the rest of us)And I cannot believe the places your crew sleep!! Food was great and plentiful, we just couldn’t figure out how to turn the wind down. Ill have to arrange my next trip around May(early season) I need to pass my e-mail onto the rest of the surfers if that is possible, I took a lot of video and pictures so I promised to pass on. Regards, Alan Thomson P.S. Love to see a stay sail on the Dreamweaver.(My sailors eye talking) surf charter bali testimonialsHey Allan, just wanted you to know that my mates and I had an awesome time on your boat,couldnt fault anything! The food was good and plentiful, and the crew were the friendliest bunch of lads we’ve met and they looked after us well. But most importantly the waves were awesome, especially desert point. Ill definitely be coming back on Dreamweaver again in the near future and would recommend it to anyone who wants to do the lombok sumbawa thing. Thanks again mate,till next time. ash. surf charter bali testimonialsHi Alan, I just wanted to drop you a line to say a very big thank you for helping make this recent trip such an easy experience – transfers / accommodation in Lembongan etc were all great. The boat was fantastic, crew just exceptional both in knowledge and helpfulness, and all up a really top trip. I get the stitches out of my head tomorrow and only missed the last days surfing due to my little fins in the face plant trick… so another scar for the collection, oh well. We are getting all the photos together and will send you some then… Will certainly talk the Dreamweaver up amongst the crew here! Warm regards, Brent surf charter bali testimonialsG’day Alan Just a short note to thank you and the Dreamweaver crew again for a fabulous trip. We had an awesome time and the waves were epic, especially Sumbawa. Terima kasih banyak dan sampai jumpa lagi. Paul ( 29 july – 5 aug trip 2009) surf charter bali testimonialsCheers for organising a sick mission mate! Everyone super stoked on it aye, boys had a sick time! Last nite we were moored on the boat at Ekas, they heard us having a good time from 600m out to sea! Boys getting rowdy of course was too much fun, Tofik (the skipper) had taken a group of our mates the year before so he knew where we were coming from, haha. Yeah it was a great trip man, had some really good waves at most of the breaks aye, anything from 2ft through to about 5ft at Outside Ekas. The boat trip was super fun, had good waves pretty much everyday but no real juice unfortunately, but hey, cant complain about the waves can ya! Mawi got perfect and fun too, we surfed there for like 3 days. Simon – NZ May 09surf charter bali testimonialsHi Al, Thank you for all your assistance in organizing my surf trip. My trip left on 25/04/2010 and it was better than the website. Great waves every day, decent swell, lots of variety in locations, great food, awesome company, plenty of laughs and a fantastic crew who went out of there way to ensure a safe and fun trip. I travelled alone on this trip and any concerns I may have had prior to boarding soon disappeared as I met an awesome bunch of fellow surfers who became mates. The Skipper Yanto was incredible, very professional and his surf knowledge and experience of the area was amazing, he made me feel very confident when discussing conditions and surf forecasts. If the skipper said there would be waves in an area or bay on a certain tide, it never failed. I’m so glad I travelled with Dreamweaver and am already thinking about my next trip. A truly great experience Kind regards, Dave Edwards Gold Coastsurf charter bali testimonialsAlan, Traveled from May 13-20 2010. Your crew are nothing short of amazing. I never had the chance to lift a finger, whether it be food, surfing, fishing and drinking. It was door to door gold service. Your captains knowledge of waves, timing and tides was perfect. His dedication to travel at night to ensure we maximised our surfing time was truly appreciated. Windu’s cooking was awesome. The stuff he produces out of such a small kitchen from Spag bowl, Nasi Goreng , fried chicken, fish curry, banana pan cakes, to the breakfast omelette’s is nothing short of amazing. All time trip. Vincent Cotte Director – Product Marketing Asia Pacific/Japan TIBCO Software Inc. surf charter bali testimonialsHi Alan. Just a note to say thanks for an epic trip on the Dreamweaver. Due to the unseasonal wind directions we had during our trip, it opened up many more options for us to surf, & the Capitan was dead set spot on with his suggestion as to what would be working best. Not only did we get epic waves, but the food & the service levels from your crew on the boat were outstanding. Also just to top off an epic trip, the boys were all stoked to get a free Dreamweaver T-shirt from you. Now Im working on geeing up the boys for another trip in 2012, so hopefully if I can get 8 or 9 of us to commit Ill be in touch then. Once again thanks for an epic week, were all supa stoked and surfed out. Talk soon. Regards, Shannon Fell Owner/Operator McDonald’s Kincumbersurf charter bali testimonialsGday alan, Andrew Bowles here mate, I went on your trip from the 25th april to the 2nd of may 2010. Just thought Id say, excellent trip, I had heaps of fun with great waves and amazing service by the crew boys, Yanto, Lookman,Windu,Niza,Chono and Akmal Great waves at all locations visited, also got few good pics i thought id share with you surf charter bali testimonialsHi Alan, hope you’re fine. I’d like to say that the boat trip we did on June 18 was awesome… I really had a great time there. The crew is outstanding, specially the cook, the captain and the guy who pilots the small boat, all very humble, friendly and kind, really nice people. Cheers. Denissurf charter bali testimonialsgday Alan – just a quick one from the airport to say thanks for a good trip and thanks to you and your crew. we scored deserts 3-4 foot monday arvo with just the 3 of us, and for an hour the next morning – then 3 of us at shipwrecks Tues arvo to cap it off nicely. Waves every day mainly at Mawi and one nice surf at Ekas- and we were well looked after. by the way, it was a froggy friend of mine Cyril Gassiot, who recommended your trip to me. cheers and thanks Jeremysurf charter bali testimonialsHey Al, Kyle Here from SA. Its a bit delayed but would like to thank you for the trip from June 9-16 it was awesome, had a few days with small swell but when it was on we got some awesome waves at Mawi, Shipwrecks and Desserts! Your crew were awesome, and Chefy made the most unreal food! Ill definatly be coming back next year. Do you do any trips longer than the 7 nights? Cheers againsurf charter bali testimonialsGday Alan, just want to say what an awesome trip we had on Dreamweaver. The crew are absolute legends and looked after us like we were kings.The food was amazing…Ive been converted to the bango source for life. Me and the rest of the boys had the trip of a lifetime and will be recommending this to others without a doubt. Surf pummped…actually too big on some days but your crew got us into stuff that was right up our alley (not triple overhead). Again – thanks heaps…you should be proud of those guys and give em all a pay rise….Cheers and see yall soon. Ray and the boys. Exmouth WA and the bloke from Tassie!! Please post this onto the charter bali testimonialsHi there Alan just thought I would thank you and your crew for a fantastic week away . The surf wasnt classic but it didnt stop us from getting 4 to 5 hours in a day . (Quite a work load) . Food was spot on . And all aboard looked out for one another . Thanks again . and look forward for another trip away. Regards Grant White