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The Islands of Lombok & Sumbawa are to the South East of Bali and are home to some incredible set ups with Desert Point being rated by some as the best lefthander in the world. We are also the only surf charter boat surfing the South Lombok coast, where we have a couple of very nice, secret surf spots!

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The most famous and most surfed of all the waves on Nusa Lembongan, this right produces a good wall for maneuvers and, depending on the tide, good tubes. Best at medium tide with a 4 to 6 foot swell, but can get bigger on a good day.


A powerful and very hollow right hander that can produce some of the best barrels around if the swell direction is right. Best at medium tide with swell of 3 to 8 feet.

Lacerations nusa lembongan surfing indonesia


A right and left peak with a soft coral bottom, very easy and fun to surf, being a favourite of inexperienced to advanced surfers. Best with medium swell (4 to 6 foot) and medium or high tide.

playgrounds nusa lembongan surfing indonesia



mentawai, scar reef, bali, desert point


A long walled and incredibly hollow left hander that on its day can break up to 300 meters, growing in size from takeoff to end. Has been called the best left hander in the world, if you get it when its on you will never forget it! Best between 3-8 ft.

desert point


This is a fairly typical Indo reef break. Nice and consistent with powerful long rides when the swell picks up. Sensitive to winds. It’s better during the raining season with NE winds.

Two main peaks:
The right: good peaky right on the west side. Can be powerful.
The left: at the east side of the bay. Doesn’t always work, but very good when its on.


2 breaks – a hollow shifty left, best at mid to high tide. A nice right with a fast inside section, best at low to midtide Has reasonable protection from the wind.


This is a huge bay about 7 km east of Kuta. On a big day Gerupuk offers a few different breaks around the bay that can handle any winds as it is protected and surrounded by hills.

Inside Gerupuk, or Bumbang Bay, is a fun right-hander suitable for all levels of ability breaking over a flat reef and sand bottom. The big days of southwest swell can be a great time to surf it. This break is surfable any time of the year, best on the incoming tide.

Gerupuk Outside or Gili Golong, a right-hander, good at mid to high tide. A huge wave and big take off at the point, then a long ride when you get to the inside section, which can be fast and hollow up to a maximum of 10 foot.

Don-Don, a right and left hand peak suitable for all abilities, can be a real fun break especially on a bigger swell, best on an outgoing tide.

Pelawangan, another right-hander for beginners, can get very hollow on the right tide and swell.

lombok, desert point


Ekas Bay is located on the east side of Kuta. A reef break, it has two spots: Outside Ekas is a good left-hander close to the entrance of the channel that can break for up to 200 meters on the right day.

ekas lombok

Inside Ekas is a rippable peak on a bigger swell, the left from mid to high tide and the right from mid to low tide, hollow and barreling on the inside section. Can get very good when the winds are light, maximum 8 foot.

ekas, lombok, desert point


desert point



A long walled left peak where you drive into several backdoor sections all offering tube rides to write home about. Best between 2-10ft but easily gets bigger than that for the chargers. There is also a smaller right hander on the inside reef on the bigger days.


One of the crown jewels of Indonesian surfing. Has been called the longest most intense tube ever ridden. Breaking over a live coral reef, this wave reels faultlessly for 150 meters. Get pitted from takeoff to exit. No top turns here when it’s on! Best between 3-6 ft.

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Catches any swell. It consists of two rights, one a wedge peak breaking off a cliff face, the other a long walled right reef in the middle of the bay, usually surfed when everywhere else is small. Best between 2-6 ft but has been surfed at up to 12 ft and bigger.




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